Saturday, July 3, 2010

First Impressions

Well I am officially an employee of the Okoboji Community School District.  I picked up my keys on July 1st and today I finally had an opportunity to get into the school and my office for the first time since we got here this week.  Exploring this new environment has me filled with excitement and enthusiasm for what is to come.  I was given a tour of the school when I interviewed but this was my first opportunity to go on a self-guided tour.  It got me thinking about first impressions.  As we all know, first impressions are critical in any relationship.  As I explored my office and other parts of the building it seemed that I was getting a brand new first impression of the school I have been entrusted to lead.  I have been in my share of schools across this state and I can say this - our school makes quite a first impression.  Coming in the front door the first thing I noticed was how clean and well maintained the building is.  Even though things are always disheveled in a school in the summer it was amazing how the floors sparkled and the smell of clean filled the air.  Even though the lights were off natural light fills the entry and hallways around the gym and commons.  The new gymnasium is simply marvelous.  I know I am partial but the "O" and the Pioneer logo are two of the best examples of a school branding itself that I have ever seen.  As I continued through the school and office I was impressed that even in its empty summer state, this feels like a place full of learning. I can't wait to see it full of students!

To make a long story short, the school once again made quite a first impression on me.  I am sure that it does the same to new students and families as well as visitors that come in throughout the year.  It reminded me of the importance of my first impressions.  We can learn a lot from a situation or a new acquaintance in the first few times we meet them.  I look forward to the many first impressions to come.  I am eager to get the many important relationships that my family and I will develop here off on the right foot.  

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  1. Welcome to Okoboji. I think you will find it a wonderful place to live and educate.