Saturday, January 22, 2011

Proud to be One

On Thursday afternoon all Okoboji Middle and High School students along with faculty, staff, and around 100 members of the community got some great reminders of what it means to be an Okoboji Pioneer and what they can do to reach their potential.

The theme of our pep rally was "Proud to be One"  The official logo, which was also printed on T-shirts that were given to every 5-12 grade student, looks like this:

The pep rally started off with the school song followed by the basketball and wrestling cheerleaders leading the entire crowd of around 900 people in the "marching cheer."  After that we showed a "Proud to be One" video that listed reasons why Okoboji is a great school and community and featured testimonials from students, staff, alumni, and community members.  You can see the video HERE

Following the video we heard some great words from our new Dean of Students and alumnus Justin Bouse about the importance of getting connected with school through academics and activities and the work he will be doing to help get kids plugged in at school.  John Adams spoke about his experiences as a student, alumnus, and community member of Okoboji.  He also shared, in his view, what it means to be One.  You can find the list he shared HERE

The final speaker of the day was Hawkeye great and NFL veteran Bruce Nelson.  Bruce was born and raised in Emmetsburg and now lives and farms in the area.  He shared an OUTSTANDING message about hard work, persevering, the power of good choices, and taking advantage of your opportunities.  Bruce's message was powerful and had a real impact on everyone there.  In addition to the 900 in attendance on Thursday we also streamed the video live on our Okoboji Events Channel on UStream.  We also recorded the live stream and it can be watched HERE.  

We will also be using the Okoboji Events Channel to broadcast live some sporting events.  Our first was the wrestling double dual we hosted on Thursday and our next live event will be the wrestling dual vs Spirit Lake next Thursday.  

It truly was a great day and a great event!  Now it is time to roll up our sleeves as a school and community and get to the hard work of keeping our kids energized about being a Pioneer and being part of something great!  Thank you for your support in this and all our endeavors.  Every great school is a part of a great community and Okoboji is no exception.  

Are you Proud to be One?  I know I am!


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